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How can digital transformation empower your business?

POSTED: 16.10.2016By: Chris Shadrick

Within the context of the business world, the term digital transformation is widely used but seldom fully understood. Across the web, various authors and journalists have endeavored to bring meaning to the esoteric term with…

Understanding the Customer

POSTED: 06.10.2016By: Chris Shadrick

In this episode, Fintech Finance learn how to better understand your customers. Ali Paterson spoke with BBVA in sunny Madrid to understand why they are using data to provide better digital solutions for their customers.

Save the date: 20/09/2016 – Customer VIP Event with Glassbox & NessPro

POSTED: 12.08.2016By: Audelia Boker

Join Glassbox and NessPro for our Customer VIP Event on the 20th September 2016 at Vino Socca, Galgaley Haplada Street 7, Herzliya Pituah, Israel. Come to meet your customer closer than ever and find out about the…

Glassbox featured in Raconteur’s Customer Experience & Loyalty Issue in The Times

POSTED: 29.07.2016By: Chris Shadrick

Here at Glassbox Digital, we’re always working hard to share the latest in Digital Customer Experience and our opinions on how investing in real-time insights can transform the online customer experience for businesses. Our latest…

The future of behavioural analytics

POSTED: 24.06.2016By: Audelia Boker

The web is growing at an incredible rate. Every day the tech we own is getting more and more out-of-date. But in this world on 1’s and 0’s and shiny MacBooks, where are we headed…

Through the looking glass – what’s your privacy worth?

POSTED: 17.06.2016By: Audelia Boker

…He was a marketing director from one of the world’s leading computer software companies talking on the topic of digital behavioural analytics; bragging about the amount of data he had at his fingertips about his…

Financial services – see through the red tape

POSTED: 06.06.2016By: Audelia Boker

Red tape, procedure, protocol, standard operating procedures, do’s and don’ts. However your organisation says it, there’s no getting past it in the financial services industry. Not only does it protect your business but it sets…

Introducing Glassbox: A powerful digital Customer Experience solution

POSTED: 25.05.2016By: Chris Shadrick

Glassbox is a powerful Digital Customer Experience solution that enables global businesses to better manage their digital customer journeys, understand their data more effectively and make intelligent business decisions based on insights. We track engagement across web and…

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