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See it, Solve it, Fix it: Improving Customer Service

POSTED: 06.09.2017By: Audelia Boker

A customer logs on to your website when all of a sudden, the site gets stuck. He is in the middle of a transaction, and needs the product as soon as possible. The first instinct…

Graduate from Observer to Participant: Make your Website Better by Understanding the Digital Customer Experience

POSTED: 23.07.2017By: Audelia Boker

When you think about how you can improve your website, what first comes to mind? Layout? Pop-ups? Discounts on products? Sure, these are potential perks, but will they really solve the underlying problems? What you…

You Have the Results of the Digital Customer Journey! Now What?

POSTED: 10.07.2017By: Audelia Boker

When you install customer experience analytics software on your website or mobile app, you don’t know what you will find out. Maybe there will be positive results, maybe some negative. The next step is what…

Mystery Solved! The Digital Customer Journey Revealed to Businesses!

POSTED: 20.06.2017By: Audelia Boker

Priorities have shifted in the environment of the digital customer. With most business done online and without contact to another human being, the digital customer experience is more important than ever before, even more than…

The Failure of “Sample Data”

POSTED: 19.06.2017By: Doug Suvalle

I work at a company that easily/seamlessly captures 100% of the digital traffic going through your web/mobile digital properties.  I ran into a competitor in a small deal who offered to collect only a portion…

“Why do people behave a certain way?” : How a Digital Analytics Solution Can Answer this Question

POSTED: 23.05.2017By: Audelia Boker

Imagine you’ve just built a new website or a new mobile app for your company. Up until now it’s been successful, but all of a sudden, you’re beginning to see a downward trend. Less conversions…

Introduction to Session Replay or How to Discover the “Unknown Unknown”

POSTED: 10.05.2017By: Audelia Boker

There is an old adage that goes, ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know’ and nowhere is that more relevant than in analysing customer interactions. At least that was the case, until the online revolution…

Optimizing the Customer Experience to Increase Conversion Rates

POSTED: 03.05.2017By: Audelia Boker

With any website, the longer the user visits it, the better. The length of time a visitor spends on your site increases the likelihood of a conversion, the end goal of any website visit. A…

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