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“Why do people behave a certain way?” : How a Digital Analytics Solution Can Answer this Question

POSTED: 23.05.2017By: Audelia Boker

Imagine you’ve just built a new website or a new mobile app for your company. Up until now it’s been successful, but all of a sudden, you’re beginning to see a downward trend. Less conversions…

Introduction to Session Replay or How to Discover the “Unknown Unknown”

POSTED: 10.05.2017By: Audelia Boker

There is an old adage that goes, ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know’ and nowhere is that more relevant than in analysing customer interactions. At least that was the case, until the online revolution…

Optimizing the Customer Experience to Increase Conversion Rates

POSTED: 03.05.2017By: Audelia Boker

With any website, the longer the user visits it, the better. The length of time a visitor spends on your site increases the likelihood of a conversion, the end goal of any website visit. A…

Using Experience Performance Data to Improve the Digital Customer Journey

POSTED: 16.04.2017By: Doug Suvalle

In an October 2016 article for Data Informed, Dave Page, an expert on IT infrastructure, said that the two main issues facing companies right now in terms of providing an ideal digital experience for their…

How Session Replay Tools Empower Businesses

POSTED: 04.04.2017By: Audelia Boker

In today’s world, everything is instantaneous. People make decisions in split seconds about whether to buy something, continue looking at a website or a mobile app, or even read past the headline of an article….

How to Choose Big Data Solution Providers

POSTED: 20.03.2017By: Yaron Gueta

Buying big data services and software is a big decision. There are hundreds of big data solution providers to choose from, including big established companies like Oracle, IBM, HP, and Microsoft. The solutions these companies…

Why Is Everyone Talking About Digital Compliance?

POSTED: 14.03.2017By: Andrew Adams

The reason everyone is talking about digital compliance is because from May 2018, all organizations that fail to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will face heavy fines. Designed to empower all EU…

How Does Session Replay Contribute to Website Analytics?

POSTED: 14.03.2017By: Ben Mercier

How many times have you looked at Google Analytics hoping to read between the lines to find out why a visit didn’t convert to an action? It doesn’t tell you the reasons why a customer…

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