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An All-Encompassing Approach to Website and App Management

POSTED: 08.02.2018By: Dennis Raynor

A few years ago, catchphrases like ‘digital transformation’ may have appeared to be nothing more than jargon in a burgeoning high-tech sector. Today, digital transformation is a requirement for websites and mobile apps seeking to…

How Clickmaps are Taking Click Analytics to the Next Level

POSTED: 21.11.2017By: Dennis Raynor

No website manager can ever afford to rest on their laurels. You could be doing well, getting plenty of traffic and making good sales, but could you do better? Of course you could. Things change….

Using Funnel Analysis to Optimize the Conversion Process

POSTED: 21.11.2017By: Ben Mercier

The importance of online commerce makes funnel analysis central to the success or failure of a business. If your website has been built to sell a product or service, then website itself forms what is…

How Measuring Customer Experience Translates to Customer Success

POSTED: 15.11.2017By: Audelia Boker

Building a website is like entering a dark room. You have a general idea where everything is or is supposed to go, but when the light is off, and you can’t see anything, it can…

Finding Errors Before They Happen: Why Digital Customer Analytics Are Always Important

POSTED: 12.11.2017By: Doug Suvalle

It doesn’t matter what the business is, what field the industry is in or even if it is on-line or off-line, the importance of the customer can never be ignored. Ever heard the saying “The…

Bridging the Gap: The Shrinking Distance between Mobile and Web Success

POSTED: 11.10.2017

As of 2017, there are over 2 billion smartphone users in the world, according to Statista. That’s over one third of the world’s population, and because of their prevalence, it is increasingly important that mobile…

Using Session Replay Tools to Enhance the User Experience

POSTED: 03.10.2017By: Audelia Boker

Every time a user interacts with your website is an opportunity to impress them, to give them a reason to become a customer or even an active advocate of your business. The smallest improvement can…

See it, Solve it, Fix it: Improving Customer Service

POSTED: 06.09.2017By: Dennis Raynor

A customer logs on to your website when all of a sudden, the site gets stuck. He is in the middle of a transaction, and needs the product as soon as possible. The first instinct…

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