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Three Steps to Improve Your Compliance Transformation

POSTED: 16.04.2018By: Audelia Boker

Privacy and the sanctity of data are ever-increasing concerns in our daily online existence. In recognition of this, the EU has enacted the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, which goes into full effect on…

Customer Insight Solutions Provide Answers to the Unknown

POSTED: 12.04.2018By: Audelia Boker

Many companies around the world are hamstrung by a fundamental problem: Limited knowledge about their customers. That’s where customer insight solutions provide actionable insights through digital transparency. Once a company has the tools to measure…

How Can Digital Customer Experience Management Software Help You to Understand the Customer Experience?

POSTED: 11.03.2018By: Audelia Boker

The customer experience can make or break relationships. There are three fundamental tenets to an effective customer experience: observation of the customer journey via touchpoints, reshaping customer interactions for maximum efficacy, and rewiring the company’s…

Returning Customers Deserve the Best Website Customer Experience

POSTED: 07.03.2018By: Audelia Boker

Businesses with online operations have been put on notice: Returning customers are actively shopping for the best possible website customer experience. If a website fails to hold a customer’s attention, it risks being relegated into…

An All-Encompassing Approach to Website and App Management

POSTED: 08.02.2018By: Dennis Raynor

A few years ago, catchphrases like ‘digital transformation’ may have appeared to be nothing more than jargon in a burgeoning high-tech sector. Today, digital transformation is a requirement for websites and mobile apps seeking to…

How Clickmaps are Taking Click Analytics to the Next Level

POSTED: 21.11.2017By: Dennis Raynor

No website manager can ever afford to rest on their laurels. You could be doing well, getting plenty of traffic and making good sales, but could you do better? Of course you could. Things change….

Using Funnel Analysis to Optimize the Conversion Process

POSTED: 21.11.2017By: Ben Mercier

The importance of online commerce makes funnel analysis central to the success or failure of a business. If your website has been built to sell a product or service, then website itself forms what is…

How Measuring Customer Experience Translates to Customer Success

POSTED: 15.11.2017By: Audelia Boker

Building a website is like entering a dark room. You have a general idea where everything is or is supposed to go, but when the light is off, and you can’t see anything, it can…

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