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Information Security Expert

Full-time · Intermediate

About The Position

We think and we work globally. Our teams brainstorm, apply research and inspire, together. 

The passion and commitment to fulfill our mission lives through everything we do. Success here is a team effort.

Culture is our bedrock. We believe in hiring the best talents and in developing and nurturing them because, at the very core of our technology, there are people with their individualistic, passions, and differences, and we love it.

We are looking for a passionate and professional SecOps engineer, to help drive organization-wide security processes such as Risk Assessment, Mitigation Planning, Compliance with security standards, Audits and Customer Security operations.


●       Perform and track cyber security gap analysis and risk assessment

●       Perform internal & external, technical and procedural security audits

●       Check and monitor archive and audit logs and react to new and existing tickets at a Tier 1 level.

●       Build, design, implement and track technical risk control/mitigation plans

●       Engage with IT, cloud and compliance teams to ensure requirements, policies and adoption is executed with excellence.

●       Assess the security impact of security alerts and traffic anomalies to identify malicious activities and take mitigating actions

●       2-3 years of experience in security Governance, Risk and Compliance or a similar position

●       2-3 years of experience in security engineering and audit

●       experience in Customer facing Security auditing

●       Solid understanding of public clouds services (AWS – Must, GCP, AZ- Optional)

●       Background and experience with Software and Application security (Advantage)

●       High familiarity with security vulnerabilities, trends, tools, and practices and mitigation.

●       Independent, problem solver and execution driven

●       Ability to drive organizational wide processes

●       Strive for excellence and high standards

●       Passion for new technologies.

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