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Glassbox provides customer insight solutions to global businesses, across Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Retail and Telecommunications and more. We use cutting edge technology to solve your business requirements and empower your digital channels. View some of our success stories.

Bank Leumi - Reducing none-reproducible errors by 95%

Today, the majority of digital customer journeys begin and end online. If a customer cannot self-service online it can cause frustration, which may result in them calling the contact centre, or even seeking out an alternate supplier.

Both of these actions come at a considerable cost to the business. One major bank in Israel has demonstrated how creating a customer experience transformation and removing the need for customers to switch channels can significantly reduce churn, improve sales and enhance the overall customer journey experience.Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 17.50.56

Global Tier 1 Bank - Seeing ROI in just a few weeks

Since the Current Account Switch Service was introduced in 2013, more than three million customers have moved their bank accounts, often attracted by attractive promotional incentives. However, with most customers choosing to switch or open an account online, the promise of a stress-free switch can be diminished if they experience a problem when trying to open an account. Furthermore, if an experience performance issue persists a once happy customer may well begin to look elsewhere.Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 17.50.56

CAL - Israeli Credit Card Company - Increasing conversions by 280%

Glassbox was tasked to assess the customer needs and trends for CAL – Israeli Credit Card Company. They had previously used a number of tools including Google Analytics, application logs, Business Intelligence (BI) systems and media tools but the company felt these did not provide the complete picture into the website customer experience.

Key insight areas which CAL – Israeli Credit Card Company wanted to improve upon included:

  • General customer behaviour optimization when using the company’s ordering system
  • Any delays experienced by customers when using the ordering system
  • Areas in which customers struggled to reach their goal
  • Customer churn and the reasons behind this

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