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Put simply, our aim is to:

  • Make your digital space transparent by capturing, recording, analyzing and replaying each and every one of your customers’ digital sessions
  • Minimize your operational costs by quickly identifying online customer support or experience performance issues, and the reasons behind them
  • Create new revenues by understanding why your customers are abandoning transactions and purchases
  • Give your call centers staff visual access to your customers’ online journey, removing frustration and improving the online customer experience
  • Use chatbot analytics to help you deliver personalized content and offers to your online customers, based on their digital behaviors
  • Enable quick and easy dispute resolution and compliance through the seamless archiving of users’ sessions

We believe in digital transparency and actionable insight. We have the experience and expertise to deliver just that, providing your organization true digital dividends.

Glassbox, originally known as Clarisite, was founded in 2010 in Israel, the ‘Startup Nation’. Within 5 years, we have become a global company, with headquarters in London and offices in New York City and Tel-Aviv. We’re also partnering with Accenture to implement our customer journey analytics solution at leading financial institutions. But despite our growth and success, we still stand by our original goal, of delivering actionable digital transparency.

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