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Customer Experience Analytics

By extending the traditional customer experience solution, and using deep digital behaviour analytics, we support business requests that help you understand the customer experience from a digital perspective. We help you visualize your online customers and visitors digital journeys in real time and answer questions such as “What exactly do your customers do on your digital channels and how do they experience it?” or “Why do customers behave the way they do?” Powerful, actionable insights to improve the digital customer experience and optimise website conversions from Glassbox.

Automated Customer Journey Mapping

Get a visual map of your customers’ most common digital journeys and experience analytics at any given moment in time. Customer behaviour analytics enable you to understand why conversions are underperforming and get to the very bottom of visitor struggles. Empower decision-making about how to optimize the customer experience by being able to analyze historical data on the fly and create reports and funnels, based on free-text, without having to tag or configure your website.

Tag-less capture

Tagging is not a fatality.  All you need in order to record all your digital sessions and leverage Glassbox’s powerful digital customer analytics is one initial import-level JavaScript. That’s all. Even if your website changes in the future, you won’t need to configure anything and you’ll still be recording everything. It means you can launch new products or offers quicker and you can get answers to questions you didn’t think of initially. In other words, you can be much more agile with your customer experience optimisation initiatives.

Tamper-proof replay

Put your hands on the most comprehensive view of customer digital sessions, recorded from both server and client side – which ensures the most accurate website session replay of the customer digital experience available on the market today. Enrich your organization with customer insight solutions, with no need for tags or IT configuration.

Customer Journey & Conversion Funnels

Create a funnel in a matter of minutes, either by selecting a specific customer journey from the map, or by using free-text. Funnels can be based on any type of criteria. For example, you could decide to retrieve and analyze all the traffic coming from a specific source, then narrow it down to all the sessions where visitors spent more than 20 seconds on the “Special Offers” page and clicked to buy a specific offer or product. Filter sessions according to device, operating system, geographical location, mouse movements, demographics, traffic sources, in-page behaviors and much more. With this information, you can improve customer experience optimisation on an individual page by understanding how and where to direct the user’s attention.


In addition to understanding the customer’s behaviour, it also helps to understand the experience on the website itself, and how customers respond to and engage with the features of each page. While looking at a single website session replay and analytics, you can still understand if the specific behavior of that customer or visitor is representative or not by looking at the clickmap. Define a time range and the Clickmap shows you, how often on average is a specific element (field, link, banner, etc) being clicked on, how often the data populated into a specific field is being changed, and what’s the average focus time on every item in a page. Glassbox’s clickmap also fully supports single-page applications.

Flexible Data Exporting

Digital insights and customer behaviour analytics are useless if not accessible to everyone. Therefore, you’ll be able to export either raw data, or real-time scenario-based data, or even batches of data based on the digital customer experience through our analytics software.

Benefits Include

Enhance Digital Customer Experience

Boosted revenues by understanding transactions

Improved loyalty by adapting your offering

Decreased support call volume to call centers

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