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Who’s not familiar with the frustration of having to call customer service because of a failed attempt to serve service online? Think about the experience of the customer care rep on the line, who has no idea what just happened online 5 minutes ago… Show your customer service advisors exactly what your customers experienced online and, as a result, decrease the time it takes to handle and successfully resolve calls

Real-time replay

With real-time capabilities, digital sessions can be replayed 3 seconds only after they actually took place. Call center reps can therefore guide a customer who is online while calling the call center, in a totally non-intrusive manner. No need to take control of the customer’s computer or to share screens. Reps view the session in the exact same way customers on the line experiences them and can guide them step by step for faster resolution.

Free-text search

Call center reps can very easily retrieve any past digital session by using free-text search. Hence, in a few seconds, they can review a replay of the session the customer they are on the line with, recently had. No more frustrated customers having to laboriously explain the reason for their call. Customer care reps can view the exact analytics of the customer experience, therefore they can understand the problem quicker and decrease the time it takes to handle and successfully resolve calls.

Flexible data export

If many customers are calling for the same digitally-related struggle or enquiry, call center agents can decide to share that trend with their IT peers for faster resolution. All they need to do is export the collect data along with the associated website session replay, and send it to IT. By doing so, they will help solving usability issues, improve experience performance problems and even non-reproducible errors in a much faster way.

Benefits Include

Reduced Average Handling Time

Increased First Call Resolution

Improved Customer Experience

Empowered Call Center Agents

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