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In keeping up with the demands of an increasingly competitive sector, including digitally native new entrants, banks are facing a  number of issues with customer experience optimization.

Whether it’s adjusting to the compliance transformation with ever-stricter regulations, treating customers fairly while still accurately authenticating them and assuring their financial assets are secured, fighting and blacklisting fraudsters, debating the potential acceptance of robo-advice and more, banks are facing some serious challenges.

  • Long forms that customers often abandon before submitting, creating frustration and revenue loss
  • Performance and usability issues of digital channels that need to convey a lot of content, e.g. disclaimers, notifications, etc.
  • A negative impact on contact centers that receive an increasing volume of calls due to support inquiries
  • Extremely high audit costs and risk exposure

Glassbox’s digital customer journey mapping gives you a better insight into the glitches that customers face. Our digital customer management also shows your customer support advisors exactly what your customers experienced online, helping decrease the time it takes to handle and successfully resolve calls. It can additionally retrieve and play back archived sessions, so you can provide unquestionable proof – in seconds – when handling customer complaints or disputes.

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