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To stay relevant in today’s hospitality and travel industry, businesses must give their customers the most personalized experience possible. But traditional airlines, train companies and hotel chains are facing fierce competition from new market players that not only have streamlined operations and business models, but are also digitally savvy. These outfits have mastered the very latest online and mobile communications vehicles.

In order to unlock the full potential of their digital space, traditional organizations in the hospitality and travel sectors must identify, in near real time, any performance or usability issue on websites and mobile apps, and take action. This is the only way to improve customers’ digital experience, reduce operational costs and pressure on contact centers, and generate new revenue from fully submitted online purchase processes. In very seasonal and dynamic marketplaces, they also need to be able to quickly understand what type of offers are most successful at attracting new customers, and what campaigns perform best when it comes to retaining existing ones.

Glassbox enables hospitality and travel firms to observe, in real time, the customer’s digital experience, highlighting every hurdle that makes them pause, and every element that draws interest or drives sales. It also gives support teams digital session replay tools, helping them to easily solve a customer’s everyday hurdles and hiccups if and when they call with an issue.

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