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Risk Management & Compliance

When it comes to Risk Management and Compliance, many highly regulated businesses perceive digital channels as risk exposure drivers. Hence they limit their digital offering due to the inability to keep up with digital compliance regulaions. They also struggle to handle complaints in an efficient and satisfying manner. What if your organization could record, store, easily retrieve, and play back online sessions from your website and your mobile app, and at the same time, improve its digital risk management?

Tamper-proof, source-proof and time-stamped recording

Own the “digital truth” – a complete visual audit trail of all your online customer interactions and transactions – by capturing and archiving web and mobile sessions in a tamper-proof, source-proof and time-stamped manner. Website session replay allows you to access the information so you can see what happened at any given point in time during a transaction.

Lifetime archiving

We’re speaking Big Data here. With a solution built to handle gigantic amounts of data, it’s up to you to decide for how long you want to archive your data. In some industries, 3 months make complete sense, while in others, 7 years are mandatory. Regardless of the length of time, Glassbox’s software makes it easy for any organization to maintain digital compliance and reduce digital risks.

Extra compression

What about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) you’re about to ask? With a patented compression technology, we’ll only use 5% of the footprint you record, so your organization can afford to record all the experience analytics of your customer digital sessions as long as required, adhering to all your industry and security standards, and minimizing any security risk.

Reg Tech

Glassbox enables every digital session to be securely recorded, retrieved, and replayed, exactly as it was seen by the customer – or anyone visiting your website, even if they didn’t complete the session. It enables financial institutions to achieve the required standards for record keeping and related activities associated with digital channels demanded by Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) and the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR).

More broadly, Glassbox enables large organizations to address the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements coming into effect in  May 2018, such as finding all the sessions for a customer who wants to exercise their right to be forgotten or the right to obtain confirmation about what personal data concerning them is being processed.

Digital Compliance Transformation

As security risks multiply at a rapid speed, data protection regulations continue to change and be updated, and there is a need for organizations to comply with the new policies quickly and efficiently. No matter how regulations evolve, Glassbox, which was built according to a “compliant-by-default” philosophy, will always enable organizations to remain compliant with regards to digital record-keeping, data protection, monitoring, and reporting, and will assist companies with this digital compliance transformation.  We regularly work with both our new and existing clients to help meet any compliance requirements that may arise.

Benefits Include

Handle customer complaints or disputes in a matter of minutes

Keep complete records of every digital session exactly as seen by customers

Be able to respond faster and more effectively to issues

Always be audit ready

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