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Single web & mobile platform
With the ever-increasing importance of mobile in customer behaviors and journeys, it’s imperative not only to embed mobile, but place it at the heart of your digital transformation and work to improve the digital customer journey.

Therefore, having the ability to use one single platform for digital customer management, that supports both web and mobile apps session recordings, replays and analysis, grants you a significant advantage at many levels: economies of scale, increased business agility, reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership and more.

Cloud or on-premise deployments
Regardless of whether your IT strategy is going Cloud or staying on premise, we keep deployments fast and simple, while having data security, digital channels’ performance and infinite recording in mind. Choose the delivery method that suits you most: pure cloud, on site or hybrid.

Patented compression & low TCO
Our patented compression algorithm allows organizations to compress storage of customer sessions at a ratio of 20:1. This dramatically lowers TCO – notably the cost of archiving data and system maintenance – making it feasible to retain historic data that enables analysis of long term customer behavior patterns.

Security & privacy
Designed by default to be a big data solution provider for data-sensitive environments, we cater to your needs and meet the highest security and privacy standards. From user-based data & functional accessibility (including Chinese Wall capability), LDAP/AD seamless integration, full data encryption to unmatched data masking capabilities (data masking at recording level, restricted viewing, role-based viewing access management), we take digital risk management as seriously as you do.

Digital hub
With a standard open API, it’s easy to integrate Glassbox digital customer analytics to your existing ecosystem or to pour the rich data you collect via Glassbox into you Big Data or Data Lake initiative. Customer care reps can search for session replays directly from your CRM, marketers can leverage the configurations they’re already using in their analytics, optimization, content management and VoC tools. Ultimately, anyone in the company should have direct access to the platform, acting as a central and cross-organizational repository of digital records and insights. Bi-directional (we can take all the elements created in other solutions – E.g. segments in Web Analytics)

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