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As an IT professional, can you easily connect the dots between customer experience, digital application performance, and business outcomes?  As a Digital Executive, do you have a good understanding of how digital channels behave in terms of availability and performance and how this affects the customer experience digitally?
If the answer is “no”, we’re here to help you improve your digital customer experience management.

Bridging the Gap with Experience Performance Data

Get a unified view of channels’ experience performance KPIs and digital business metrics, for a precise measurement of customer experience in digital channels . With 40% of consumers abandoning a website if a page takes more than three seconds to appear, it is mandatory that organizations have the necessary insight regarding the behavior of digital channels in terms of availability and performance, and the resulting impact on the customer experience digitally.

Testing capabilities

Because sessions can be replayed exactly as they were experienced by customers, IT departments can use the solution to accurately test and optimize new customer experience solutions, such as campaigns, content, online workflows, and microsites even before going live.

Site usability monitoring and agile IT troubleshooting

Just a few seconds can have a huge impact on the business: customer acquisition, conversion rates, retention and advocacy, even SEO rankings – a company’s customer experience analytics all at the mercy of our lack of patience. Better cross-organizational visibility and control on all digital channels have become crucial. Gaining visibility into experience performance data and being able to set alarms for when issues occur – including if not visible to customers.

Reproduce & Diagnose Errors

Because IT professionals have immediate access to session replays as well as to the experience performance data that comes along, they can leapfrog the tedious error reproduction exercise and accurately and rapidly diagnose and solve issues, and improve the website customer experience.

Benefits Include

Understand how performance and availability affects your business funnels in a single view

Continuously improve digital channels’ performance by flagging digital performance issues

Help IT save time and leapfrog the tedious task of reproducing production incidents in order to fix them

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