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We have a list of frequently asked questions but if you have a question that is not answered on our website, please contact Glassbox and we will help.

Is Glassbox a Cloud or a on-premise solution?

Both. Glassbox’s customer experience analytics software can be implemented either in the cloud or on premise, depending on your needs.

Can Glassbox record Mobile App sessions?

Glassbox’s customer experience analytics solutions can record and replay all your digital sessions, whether they come from your website or your mobile apps.

Can I mask sensitive data that is being recorded so it doesn't appear when replaying a session?

Glassbox can even be much more sophisticated by restricting viewing or managing viewing access based on role.

What type of integrations does Glassbox support?

Glassbox is a very open system. You can take the digital behaviour analytics that Glassbox collects and feed any system or big data datawarehouse in your organisation via our API.

Do I need to tag my website in order to run Glassbox?

Glassbox doesn’t depend on JavaScript’s, tagging, cookies or other traditional analytics tools in order to record and replay your digital sessions. By minimising technical barriers, Glassbox empowers business users to lead their own customer experience transformation by using their own customer journey insights, based on the analysis of both real time and historical big data.

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