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 We hold regular webinars, sharing knowledge and best practices around our Enterprise digital insight and analytics platform, to drive and accelerate your firm’s digital transformation.

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Finally a mobile session replay solution that works...

All Enterprises are eager to understand their online visitor and customer behaviors, and often – when required to – to evidence them. But it’s always surprising to see that many of them have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in their websites, but lack a great deal of visibility when it comes to their mobile apps. Register today to this webinar and hear how our clients automatically record, get insights and act upon both web and mobile transactions. That’s Glassbox in action!

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How To Optimize Your Conversion Rate In Five Easy Steps

Five clear challenges stand between you and optimized online conversion rates. All of them can be solved in a matter of weeks, if you choose the right tools. In this session, we will walk you through how some of our customers have managed to increase revenues, improve customer experience and understand why optimizing conversions was only the starting point of their journey with Glassbox.

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Introduction to Web & Session Replay

Digital customers are becoming more critical to a business’s success. If something is going wrong on your online channels and visitors are not completing transactions, do you have real-time visibility into their behaviour root causes?

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