Glassbox Featured In The Global Banking and Finance Review

Glassbox Featured In The Global Banking and Finance Review

Glassbox has been featured in the Global Banking and Finance Review, a leading Online and Print Magazine which provides informative and independent news within the financial community.

The article written by our Business Development Director, Andrew Stacy discusses how Wealth Managers have the opportunity to be more confident online and provide a better customer experience.

With Digital Transformation being such an important, on-trend topic and huge consideration for many businesses, we focus in on how the financial sector can prepare themselves to better engage with their customers and provide clear, relevant information, as well as evolving digital channels to be more sophisticated, dynamic and personalised.

“Post the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) a number of financial services businesses did away with their direct sales advisors and as a result, obtaining face-to-face financial advice in the UK is to a large extent the preserve of the relatively wealthy.

However, on the back of the new pension freedoms and the continual changes to taxation and allowances, customers still need access to basic information and advice to help them accumulate and manage their wealth. Consequently, a growing number of Wealth Managers are looking to provide these services via digital channels, and this trend is likely to accelerate following the publication of the FAMR Report earlier this year.”

Glassbox featured in the Global Banking and Finance Review




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