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How to Choose Big Data Solution Providers

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Buying big data services and software is a big decision. There are hundreds of big data solution providers to choose from, including big established companies like Oracle, IBM, HP, and Microsoft. The solutions these companies will provide vary considerably in cost, implementation, and analytics. And big is not necessarily better when it comes to providing innovative and agile technology. In an age where technology and business needs are changing on a day-to-day basis, companies need customer insight solutions that won’t become outdated in a few years’ time.

What to Look for in Big Data Solution Providers

  1. Security of data
    Whether the data is stored on premises or in the cloud, the data needs to be stored securely without the risks of hacks or tampering. Time-stamped and source-proof recording of web and mobile sessions will provide the data with digital integrity and authenticity.
  2. PII (Personally Identifiable Information) readily accessible
    All industries in Europe will be forced to comply with data protection regulations coming into effect in May 2018. This means being able to produce on demand any personal data held on an individual, and the right for a customer’s personal data to be forgotten.
  3. Data compression
    Big data takes up a lot of space. To meet industry requirements you may have to store up to 7 years of the customer’s digital sessions. However there is a cost implication of data storage. Data compression technology can shrink down the digital footprint to as little as 5% of the original size, leading to a huge reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  4. Fast to set up and easy to maintain
    Some big data solutions involve a lengthy and difficult process to implement. Furthermore, many of them require the tagging of every individual page, which is a huge hassle when it comes to maintenance and doesn’t meet the needs of agility businesses are faced with today. Also, there’s a lack of unified big data solution providers for web and mobile. Having an all-in-one complete suite for all digital interactions that can be set up in weeks makes all the difference in customer experience analytics.
  5. Accessibility to everyone
    If the design and usage of the platform is too complex, only IT, software, and technical staff will be able to access the customer behavior analytics and drive insights. An interface that allows for easy search and retrieval of data as well as visual replay will allow the entire organization to reap the rewards of valuable experience analytics.
  6. Reporting formats
    The ability to export data in the form of charts, graphs, clickmaps, and journey maps can provide insights into the KPIs for all departments, including marketing, customer support, risk and compliance or IT. Creating reports based on free text queries gives more flexibility on top of off-the-shelf reports based on best practices, and can provide big answers to big questions on the consumer’s digital experience.
  7. Tag-less solutions
    Rather than tagging and pre-configuring digital channels anytime there is an industry development, a dynamic structure is needed that evolves with changes in the digital landscape. Big data solution providers that record all digital interactions with a brand will ensure that nothing is omitted from the customer’s digital journey.
  8. Automatic Insights
    Analyzing the massive quantity of data generated by today’s digital businesses along with business intelligence and traditional web analytics tools takes time and expertise. Using machine learning algorithms, some Big Data Solutions know how to isolate issues in real time, supporting agile processes and rapid business decisions through its uncovered insights. They detect anomalies in a way that adapts to changes efficiently and effectively.

Right now, there are many new and noisy big data solution providers making big claims about the difference they can make to your customer analytics. It’s vital to dig deep, and check out the value that they have added to their customers’ experiences. You might think that it’s safer to go with the biggest companies, but these are the least likely to be coming up with fresh and innovative solutions. A big data solution is a significant investment in time, money and resources. With Glassbox, you’ll get active data and insights into the customer experience only weeks after implementing the initial import–level JavaScript into your site.

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