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We’re proud to have earned the support of some of the best investors in the business.

Ibex Investors

Ibex Investors (formerly Lazarus Management Company) is a US-based investment firm targeting outsized returns through niche, non-correlated, differentiated strategies. We proactively seek out markets and opportunities commonly dismissed as too difficult or too different. Located in Denver, New York, and San Francisco, we pride ourselves on finding the hidden gems often overlooked by others. Our focus areas currently include International (Israel), Quantitative (Behavioural Finance), Thematic (Driverless Cars), and Segmented (Microcaps) strategies.

Gefen Capital

Gefen Capital is a US-Israeli investment group. Gefen targets high growth Israeli start-ups with disruptive technologies. Gefen's US and Israeli principals offer operational experience in building and managing companies and have a proven track record in creating value. Gefen Capital has strong US contacts and capital market experience.


CreditEase is a leading FinTech company in China, specializing in inclusive finance and wealth management. With continuous efforts to explore payment, marketplace lending, crowdfunding, robo-advisor, insurance tech, blockchain and other frontiers, CreditEase actively engages with global FinTech innovation through business incubation and investment. Better tech, better finance, better world.

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