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Partner since 2015. Accenture offers web management capabilities to the Accenture Life Insurance Platform (ALIP), a suite of pre-integrated software to life insurance and annuity carriers. Based on Glassbox's customer experience analytics solutions, a set of the ALIP features will allow companies to easily recall and replay customers’ web and mobile transactions and track experience analytics to improve customer service and increase sales effectiveness. Arrow


IZO is the leading brand in Customer Experience consultancy in Spain and Latin America. Founded in 1997 with a start-up spirit, IZO became the reference brand in the market, with an annual growth over two figures. 2009 was the beginning of its international expansion under the franchise model, a strategy that allows to combine the global vision of a multinational brand with the local experience and activity of partners specialized in each market. On the verge of completing its implementation in Latin America, IZO is now beginning to expand into European, Asian and US markets. Arrow

Your Future

Partner since 2016.Your Future's mission is to make available innovative products and cutting-edge expertise from international centers of excellence, both in area of business and in specific areas that require strong innovation. Arrow

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Partnering with Glassbox and helping promote and market our digital customer insight solutions means becoming an integral part of a global leader in web transaction recording and experience analytics. If you’re interested, simply complete the registration form, telling us who you are. From small, specialised firms to large scale enterprises, we’re open to understanding your value and how we can team up to drive mutual success.

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You’ll soon be well on your way to joining our partnership programme, where you’ll benefit from the support and resources of Glassbox’s marketing and product teams.

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