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Tag-less capture
Tagging is not a fatality. All you need in order to record all of your digital sessions is one initial import level JavaScript. That’s all. It means you can launch new products or offers quicker, you can get answers to questions you didn’t think of initially, in other words, you can be much more agile. No matter if your website changes in the future. You won’t need to configure anything and you’ll still be recording everything:

  • Visitor activities : mouse movements, mobile gestures, typed-in info – even before submission, actual clicks, any input field (check boxes, drop down menus, radio buttons)
  • Content that visitors see or interact with : pages, banners, content, error messages, webchats
  • Technical attributes : browser, operating system, originating campaigns, and more

Just like Google, we automatically index everything. Every data and business attributes of customer activities: every tap, swipe or click, every mouse movement, anything visitors and customers type in, even if they abandon a transaction or drop off a process. So you know how much time is spent and where, what content visitors see or interact with and of course you can filter the data per technical attributes such as what device, what browser, what operating system or where the source of traffic originated from. And when everything is indexed, anything becomes searchable.

Free-text reporting creation
Because we capture and index everything, you can search across the entire data by using free-text, just as you Google something. It also means you can use free-text to create reports that fit your exact needs at any given moment in time. And because you’re not dependent on IT configurations or tagging, your time-to-answer, time-to-decision and speed to market is augmented.


Tamper-proof, source-proof and time stamped replay
Want to use session replay for complaint management or compliance purposes? Then you need fully encrypted, tamper-proof and time-stamped replay, with a 100% reliable source.

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